Kim Chiu is MUSE to these creative people PEP Specials

Kim Chiu is MUSE to these creative people  PEP Specials
We actually know what Kim Chiu is talking about. We know her point.She is saying that in the classroom, as as it is in the outside world, there are rules that determine whether we are kept in or are allowed out, and that if these rules are obeyed there should be no problem about getting out of the classroom in the end, but if not, then no, we're kept in.But all the bored people of the Internet, having nothing more creative to do during quarantine, just will not let go of the Cebuana expressing herself in spontaneous, unscripted Tagalog.Calling Kim's spiel the "Law of Classroom: Bawal Lumabas," they've gone to town with memes and songs and quote cards that, at bottom, make fun of a star bravely defending her home network against its shutdown by the Duterte government.Thank heavens, making up for this, there remain many creative, expansive souls in the World Wide Web. They, too, have gone out of their way, but their memes and songs are fun, not mean at all, quite engaging, and downright entertaining. It almost feels like they've chosen the Star Magic talent as their muse!These are the people whose outputs PEP.ph (Philippine Entertainment Portal) has chosen to gather. We think even Kim Chiu will approve. #kimchiu #lawofclassroom #bawallumabas #kimchiumemesAlso, check out the complete and original videos on the YouTube channel of these people who made the music, support their other videos as Beats: :// An TV (Norvie Giron) : Rommel R. LlanesText: Jo-Ann Q. MagliponMusic: "Mistake" by CxdySubscribe to our YouTube channel! the latest in showbiz on !Like PEP.ph on Facebook! PEP.ph on Twitter! us on Viber. Download our Emotera Viber sticker pack: